Like a Girl

FAQ: Where did the name “thefulltimegirl” come from? I came up with the name the full time girl because, number 1, I am very much a girl. I love all the girly things like shopping, makeup, chocolate, and hair products. I want girls to know that it is okay to be a girly girl, and that doesn’t mean you can’t still be strong, and tough, and brave about things that matter. Secondly, I am passionate about following Jesus. It is not a part time gig for me or something I squeeze into my busy schedule. He is an all or nothing kind of God who needs all or nothing kind of followers. And even though I am not perfect nor will I ever be, I consider following Jesus to be my whole life.

Hey, I know my worth. It is found in Jesus Christ. Nothing in me has any of its own beauty. I am a sinful wretch apart from my beautiful Savior, and I am fully aware of the price he has paid to rescue me from myself. My hope, my confidence, my worth comes from this very fact.

However, there is nothing wrong with being a full time GIRL. There is nothing ungodly about being physically beautiful or fashionably modest. That is not where I place my value or my main focus in life. There is nothing unchristian about enjoying girly things like shoes and makeup and bows and frills. God made you a girl! And he wants you to embrace your femininity, act like a lady, dress like a lady, and nobody said you had to hate it. Don’t ever let the world make you hard, bitter, ugly, or masculine. Don’t let them make you believe you are second-rate, stupid, or crazy. Because you are a woman, you are a treasure.

It is all about where you place your focus. If you spend more time making yourself “pretty” than making yourself godly, or interesting, or intelligent, then you are going to end up with the depth of a teaspoon. But, if your main goal is to glorify Christ with your life, and you are working toward growing in your relationship with Him, doing the right thing, and leading others to the cross, then if you like looking presentable and, even, gasp, CUTE, while you are doing it, God is not going to look down and say, “oh, she looks nice while she is trying to encourage others to live right… guess she is doing it for all the wrong reasons.” Uh…No.

Being a girl is super fun, and I won’t apologize for it. As a matter of fact, I’ll embrace it, and while I’m embracing my womanhood, I’ll also fight like a girl to fulfill the plans and purposes God has laid out before me. I know in whom I have believed and nothing can shake who God says that I am.

There are soooo many things we as girls are called to be and do with God’s help. I think it was Lisa Bevere who said, “Sometimes more can be heard in a woman’s whisper than in a man’s shout.” We can have such an impact on society, our families, our churches, and the world, by embracing our God-given roles as women and using our skills and talents for His glory. Below is a video I put together for a women’s conference a view months back, and it highlights my thoughts on “Being a woman.”

Girls, if we are not role models of what Biblical womanhood looks like then who will know? Let’s be who we are! Let’s be girls. Let’s be sold out to God, and I guarantee, we can and will change the world together.