Is this real life??

Who remembers the very first AOL? I do. I remember the “buddy list” where you had all your friends and could chat with them online via instant message. It was the coolest thing!

These days, social media is HUGE part of our lives. Most people log on every single day to check out what their friends are saying and doing. It is a great way to catch up with old friends, keep up with current friends, and make new ones.

However, there are so many young people who obsessed with their online lives. Looking through pictures from their friends, comparing their looks and comparing their lives. We have girls posting pictures of themselves every day needing likes to boost their self esteem. Every detail is broadcasted for the world to know and approve and give attention for. Insecurities are compounded and jealousy is rampant. We crave the attention and live for the approval of others.

Although helpful, I feel that the world would be much better off sometimes if it were not for social media. So many are more concerned with what their lives look like on social media than what they actually are.

So what can we do about it?

We have to admit the problem. Cliche, I know, but we have to recognize the mistakes in our thinking before we can begin to fix them. How do you feel about your social media profile? Could you be happy with your life if it were deleted…. or would you feel alone without any attention to boost your self-esteem? Do you live your life to live it or for how it looks on Facebook?

Be honest with yourself.

Secondly, recognize where you are in life. Jim Elliot, the martyr missionary, said,  “Wherever you are, be all there.” If we are so much more concerned with how our lives LOOK than how they FEEL, we will miss our entire lives. In 10 years, or even 5 years, or probably even 1 year, it is really not going to matter how many “likes” your profile picture got or how many people were impressed with your #nofilter selfies on instagram or your check in at the grocery store, starbucks, forever 21, and Panera bread.

I’m not saying any of those things are inherently wrong. [As long as we are keeping it classy] But, what I’m saying is what do we take from these things? Our self-worth? Really? There are so many better things we can be using social media for rather than getting attention from people for our own selfish gain.

It all boils down to WHY we do what we do. What if it were all shut down? What of our REAL lives would we have left? Have we poured so much of ourselves into our online profile that real life is suffering? Because that’s what matters most: the people in real life that we have relationships with; the ministries we can be giving our time and energy to; the real life issues that we can address when we aren’t so concerned with ourselves and how we look online.

The only cure is to define ourselves completely with CHRIST.

So easily we buy into the lie that the world has something “on us” and that we need to measure up to the standard it has set for us. We try to put a band-aid over the issues by telling ourselves and each other, “You are beautiful.. and unique.. and wonderful.. and special all on your own.” But without God, those good feelings will fade. Your worth does not come from how many friends you have or how many “likes” your Facebook status gets, how many followers you have on twitter, or how many double-taps you get on instagram.

Your worth comes from the One who created you, and has already defined you.

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10

The Proverbs 31 woman remembers the price that was paid for her- a price far above the most costly vanities of earth. Jesus Christ bought and paid for her with His precious blood. He did not pay this price only for her salvation. He bought her very soul. She belongs to God, and through this transaction, she is enabled to live a valiant, virtuous life through the strength of Jesus. When she is completely abandoned to her Savior, she can showcase not her own, but HIS strength, and beauty, and grace.

Jesus Christ is so beautiful, and when we find our identity in Him alone, we are defined with HIS beauty. Is there anything more beautiful than Jesus? Nope… I promise. Get to know Him, and you will know what I mean.

To be honest, I’m over it. I’m over this exhausted girl who puts pitiful statuses up about her depressing view on life. I’m over the duck faces and pouty lips and bikini shots. I’m over the girl that looks so tired and hungry. I like confident girls. I like people filled with life! I’m over this hollow-eyed, empty, party garbage all over the internet.

I get worried for young girls because I want them to feel that they can be smart and sassy and weird and geeky and independent and beautiful and lovely and godly and fun and fulfilled… and not so withered and shriveled and empty and depressing.

Let’s re-evaluate our social activity and what we are most concerned with. Social media is not evil, but when we are more concerned with what we look like than who we are, our real lives and ministries and relationships suffer.

So we can waste our lives begging for attention on social media or……We can make a change in social media. Let’s start a rebellion!! Let’s use our social media for good and to glorify God instead of ourselves. Let’s be different, set-apart. Let’s be the girls God not only wants us to be, but calls us to be. Let’s not waste our uniqueness competing and emulating everyone else. Let’s be a voice for good and for God.

It’s really our choice to make. We need to wake up, girls. This is real life.

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