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Lauren DeMoss Benson is the founder and author at thefulltimegirl.com. She dislikes early mornings, spiders, and folding laundry. She likes shoe shopping [or any type of shopping really], ice cream, texting, tweeting {@laurendemoss}, candy apples, and fancy hair products. She loves her husband, family, friends, and more than anything, Jesus.
Having grown up in a christian home, she knows the struggles of christian girls and the pull of the world on their hearts. She has experienced not only heartbreak, but also the miracle of God’s healing the brokenhearted and binding up their wounds. Her trials have led her to the feet of Jesus and by God’s grace, she knows the peace and love of a life given completely to Him. Most of all, she wants to let people know that they are not alone in their journey on the narrow road.
Through her writing, she desires to point people to Jesus, and encourage and inspire her generation and the next to be courageously and fully abandoned to their Savior. It is really all about Him.


To book Lauren to speak at your event, please email thefulltimegirl@gmail.com!

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  1. Lauren! we follow each other on twitter now and i love it! You are such an inspirational tweeter&Christ follower! Thank you so much!!! God bless you!

  2. I would just like to thank you so much for your messages of inspiration. Not only are you intelligent, but your messages apply to the world today. Thank you for being a voice for girls like me and a positive role model. We need more young women like you in this world. Keep up the good work!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE what you are doing!!!! I completely agree with everything i’m so glad i stumbled onto your instagram account and found this! Its everything i believe and try to bring to the girls in my life! I hope you don’t mind if i’m constantly regramming and sharing your photos/posts! :)

    Keep it up honestly! You are doing an amazing job! You’re such an inspiration :)

  4. What an incredible find tonight! You are a blessing and inspiration to this mom of twin 9-year-old Christian girls :) They attend an amazing Christian school here in Dallas, and I know that the other moms will be equally encouraged by your site and your words. Press on and fight the good fight — surely you will hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” when He reaches out His nail-scarred hand for yours. God bless you :)

  5. Lauren, Love shoes, shopping & most especially JESUS too. I would love to meet you someday. Keep your light shining. You are beautiful inside and out. Love you.

  6. You are so inspirational, Lauren! I continuously strive to be like Christ; and it’s even easier when you have wonderful examples to help encourage you along the way. I love your blog! And especially your account on Instagram, as well! I pray the Lord continues to use you in a mighty way. Keep working for the glory of God! Praying for you, and may God bless. :)

  7. Hello Lauren! I stopped by your blog yesterday (was referred by a friend) and I’ve been reading through your stuff. I’m particularly convicted by your post on modesty and bikinis. I’m a 19 year old believer who wears her two-piece at a pool and claims it’s no big deal but in my heart I know it’s to calm the fears I have that being a Christian is making me physically unattractive (God help me)
    I won’t be displaying so much skin at the pool anymore. Thanks for allowing God use you to reach girls like me for me. Following your blog and your Twitter. :-)
    P.S your blog design is beautiful. Love it. Could you mail me your designer’s details? I’d like to get mine twerked. Thanks again!

  8. Okay, so you know that weird moment where you stumble across someone’s blog, read a few posts, and automatically feel that tug in your heart that’s just saying, “Wow. This person is like my best friend that I’ve never met.” And then you go to look at their profile page and the first thing your eye catches is the phrase “she likes shoe shopping” and you just about die of a massive heart attack right there in your chair? Yes, that just happened to me. :)

    Seriously, though, thank you so much for what you do! There is such a shortage of raw, honest blogs coming from young women who honestly just desire to love and follow God. I hope that you are strengthened daily in your walk with Him and are able to come alongside other girls as we all struggle to run this race with endurance, keeping our eyes on Him! God bless!


  9. Haha folding laundry worst thing ever! You are an inspiration to young women. And an inspiration to even most men/boys. Your awesome keep the love of Christ on your heart!

  10. First off, I wish you had this blog when i was in High School… but i’m still so glad you have it now!!!! Have you thought about doing maybe speaking at Single Woman Conferences? Or maybe even doing a Conference for young girls?

    If not I think you should and if you already are where and when? Plus do you have a book or woman’s study book?

  11. Hey! I’m not sure how I got here haha but anyways congratulations for the blog! It’s always encouraging to see passionate people willing to talk about Jesus without shame! So keep up the great work!

  12. Thank you so much for everything you do. My friends and I read all your stuff on your blog, Twitter, Insta, etc. and your words never fail to amaze, inspire, and encourage. You are making such a HUGE impact for the kingdom!

    you really rock, keep shining


  13. I will be recommending this site and blog to my oldest daughter. She will be 10 in a few days and is a definite “pre-teen”. I pray constantly for her virtue, purity and decision making skills and have been seeking wholesome role models for her. I fully believe that you are that!! As a mom with daughters, I thank you for being such a Christ centered woman who doesn’t fall victim to the trappings of this sinful world.

    • That means so much… What an honor. Thank you. I pray that I can continue to be a role model for little girls of all ages. Your daughter is why I write. :]

  14. Lauren,
    Thank you so much for being a godly voice to young women! I have a 16 yr old daughter and she is away from God right now. She lives with her mother and I don’t have to opportunity to be a constant influence in her life, but when I do get the chance, I encourage her in the things of God and I use many of the things you say as a way to speak with her.

    Thank you for your help and know that your ministry in not in vain!

    Brian Hall

  15. Lauren,
    I have a 15 year old daughter that has bought the lie that she isn’t “enough” according to the world’s standards. I recently started following you on Twitter and added you to her followers as well :) Last night I challenged her to read at least 2 of your articles here and realize it wasn’t just Mom telling her she really IS enough! Thank you for being the voice of truth for so many teens and young people. I know as a parent, we need more than just our own to drown out the noise of the world’s lies.
    I commend you for speaking out for your Jesus!
    God Bless!

  16. You have already encouraged me so much just within the what the past 25 minutes(?) that I’ve been reading your blog and on Facebook. I relate to you completely, have the same kind of background, and I’m pretty sure if we met we would probably be bffs and go shopping together. Keep it up woman! Your writing is profound and resonates with truth. I am excited to actually see another rare creature out there who thinks like I do and loves Jesus too! It seems like we are going the way of the dinosaurs, but in today’s society they gain more sympathy than we do… I’ve failed in so many ways and I definitely haven’t been the perfect example I should be, but the key word of my life is “trying”… trying and praying that God will keep me out of all the mischief I tend to get myself in. Being 24 years old and single in my area is the equivalent to saying I have a catching skin condition or something to that effect! I’ve called myself the self-proclaimed baptist nun – until some guy makes it worth my time not to be. I actually kind of revel in the shock my beliefs cause in my community, it’s kinda entertaining. Anyway, love your thoughts, keep at it, and I praise God for the influence you are having! :)

  17. I love this, Lauren! God is doing a great work in you! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this blog and blessing others with your words. From seeing all these comments, you ARE impacting people! Keep relying on God and He will take you beyond your wildest dreams!

  18. I’m going through a super tough breakup & your kind TRUE words have helped me so much. Even though this is one of the toughest things in life that I’ve had to go through I am giving it up to God to lead me down the path I was meant to go. I am so happy I have found your site (on pinterest actually) & I will continue to look to it daily for comfort. Thank you so much :)

  19. Thank you for lifting up Christ’s kingdom values. There are few voices that speak the truth in love like you are doing. Please don’t stop. I have a little girl who is wandering through dark valleys since our family has split apart last year. Your site has encouraged me to keep leading her in the right path. Thanks and God’s blessings.

  20. You are precious! Outwardly, and inwardly! I love your tweets and reading your blog posts. You are right on! Keep up the good work for the Kingdom and your generation! Blessings, <3

  21. Lauren, I ‘stumbled’ across your blog and truth be told, I really love it (: you are so gorgeous and so inspiring! I’m a 16 year old Christian that lives in New Zealand, and I find it a struggle to be honest and open about my faith..
    You have helped me find courage and hope in Jesus; thank you!! ^_^
    And the best of luck to your engagement – you’ve found a great man of God by the sound of it; A true gentleman (‘:

  22. Hi Lauren! I found your blog through Pinterest! And I just finished reading your post about “What men really think about modesty.” Thank God for godly men who desire to see modesty in a lady! This was the best post I have ever read on modesty. Thank you so much for writing this! May God continue to bless you!!

  23. Thank you sooo much for this blog it is amazing my friend showed it to me today and im in love! This is sooo encouraging, breath takeing , and really touches my heart! I am a teen age Christian girl trying to survive this place called earth, it is soo hard, the struggles the temptation & the sin is soo real and only god can help me, I have grown up in the church, that of course dose not make my life a cake walk by the slightest bit at all, all I have known is being bullyed all my life, and I have fallen in to the wronge crowds multiple times and now I and getting my life on track February marks a year of me haveing studied the bible and life was hard befor but goodness Satan really dose hit you in your weak spots but only by gods love and power is the reason I am here today! And let me say your blog has not made my day, or week, but it has made my life! I cant believe the lies satan has placed in my head, “that im all alone”, “no one loves you” and I cant believe I fell of it! Now I cant imagine a better life! I have amazing Christian teen friends from all over Florida! (Where im from) and a family & church that loves me and I now know I am not ever alone! Thank you soo much for this blog it is amazing, encouraging, & inspiring thank you soo much!

  24. What an amazing ministry – and SO needed. I didn’t grow up in a Christian home, but Jesus found me at 15 and I experienced so many of those things. And now, as an adult – I mentor and work with teenagers and I watch almost every girl go through the same range of experiences. Love what you’re doing. Praying blessings and favor on it :)

  25. We need great role models for Christian girls. Thanks for being one. I’ve really enjoyed the few posts I’ve read and I look forward to reading more.

  26. I love your blog. Sound Biblical teaching is a rare gem these days and your approach to scripture is really refreshing. Especially love your ‘Single girls, give up on butterflies’ and the guest post ‘Marriage; It’s Not What You May Think’.

    Thanks for sharing your heart.

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